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The First Official Fatih Community Convener for Anti-Racism Initiatives In British Columbia

About the Foundation

Foundation For A Path Forward is an anti-racist and solutions-focused Resilience building NPO based in British Columbia with branches across Canada.

The Foundation is the First Official Faith Based Community Convener for anti-Racism Initiatives in British Columbia, working in partnership with Resilience B.C. under the Office of the Attorney General of B.C.

The Resilience BC anti-racism network consists of nearly 50 organizations across the province. It offers a multi-faceted, province wide approach in identifying and challenging racism by connecting communities with information, support and the training they need to respond to, and prevent future incidents of, racism and hate.

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We take an anti-racist and start-up mindset towards developing solutions for key challenges faced by Canadians.

Through this lens we are developing and delivering creative and impactful solutions for Racism, Truth and Reconciliation, Climate Justice, Public Safety, Gender Equality, Youth Empowerment, Mental Health, Social Technological Innovations, Refugee Support, and more.

  • Since 2020 we impacted 950,000+ people, formed over 200+ organizational relationships and opened offices in Toronto to take the same Silo-Busting, evidence-based approach pioneered in B.C. across the country. 



Education and engagement, with all levels of government, law enforcement, the public, organizations, businesses, and communities.


Working with leading individuals and organizations from all racial and religious communities against systemic racism, discrimination, and exclusion. 


Developing real-world networks and innovative technologies to connect and support communities and individuals. 


Provide skills and training for all Canadians – particularly those from IBPOC communities. 

Breaking Silos | Building Communities

Our 4A Strategy for systemic change

These strategic steps are the next stage in developing innovative and impactful solutions to support our initiatives. 

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