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Law Enforcement Partnerships

Over 7 years of community engagement, security initiatives, cultural outreach, and safety training with Law Enforcement has resulted in positive relationships, friendships, understanding, and collaboration between Faith Communities and Law Enforcement agencies across British Columbia and Canada

accountability and community safety

Working with leading law enforcement agencies to Keep canadians safe

We work closely with the RCMP, Vancouver Police Department, Surrey Police Department, and Metro Vancouver Police Department, among others, to follow up on incidents of hate motivated crimes against faith communities in BC, report hate crimes, protect houses of worship, and advise on best practices. 

Our community outreach includes dozens of events at mosques and houses of worship to engage with the community, build mutual trust and support. The cultural differences from Canadians of dozens of national and ethnic backgrounds, religious understandings, rural and urban upbringings, and more are contextualized for our Law Enforcement Partners in order to better serve and protect their communities. 

Together with our law enforcement allies, we have impacted thousands of  people in B.C. through our joint programs. Our Community Safety and Security program offered in partnership with the VPD saw over 109 Muslim faith community leaders participate in learning best practices for protecting their houses of worship and families from attacks or hate crimes. 

Law Enforcement and Community Safety Events

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