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Anti-Racism Programs

Our innovative and evidence based anti-racism and community resilience programs are helping to reduce individual and systemic racism across B.C.  and Canada. 

The Resilience B.C. Anti-Racism Network

The first official faith community convener for anti-racism initiatives in b.c.

We work to advance dialogue and support initiatives that address critical issues, especially anti-Indigenous, anti-Asian and anti-Black racism, and hate focused on faith communities.

The Resilience B.C. Anti-Racism Network is an initiative of Multiculturalism B.C. and the Attorney General’s Office.

Building awareness and alliances across canada

National Forums and events

Nearing 1 million collective views, our silo-busting anti-racism programs bring together thought leaders, influencers, and impact drivers across political, cultural, social, and academic, backgrounds.

We host national forums and events to build awareness, understanding, collaboration, and capacity among IBPOC and allied communities.

supporting allies everywhere

The anti-racism roadshow

The Anti-Racism Roadshow is a first of its kind initiative to convene, in person, with IBPOC community members and allies.

This includes First Nations,  Anti-Racism Network members, faith communities, elected officials, and members of the public in rural and urban communities. 

supporting allies everywhere


Through this lens we are developing and delivering creative and impactful solutions for Racism, Climate Change, Gender Equality, Youth Engagement, Mental Health, Social Technological Innovations, LBGTQ2S+ Inclusion, and Refugee/Immigrant Support.

Making a world of Difference

The Other People

The Other People was formed through the coming together of community leaders   across the Canadian racial, religious, and cultural mosaic.  

The initiative address individual biases and racism among youth by creating meaningful interactions between students and “Other People”. 

Building understanding | Fostering friendship

Interfaith Exchange

The Interfaith Exchange fosters a better understanding of, and appreciation for, the different cultures, faiths, and individuals that make up the Canadian Mosaic.

We strive to foster equitable opportunities for all religious and racial minorities in B.C. by unravelling racist narratives and strengthening resilience among communities and organizations.

Anti-Racism Events and news

The Other People – L.A. Matheson

The Other People was formed through the coming together of community leaders and anti-racism organizations across the racial, religious, and cultural mosaic.  The mission of The

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Truth and Reconciliation Day

Today marks the first National Day for Truth and Reconciliation in B.C. and Canada. The day honours the lost children and Survivors of residential schools,

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SACH Community Hub Launch

SACH Community Hub The South Asian Community Hub (SACH) is a Cross-sector, inter-agency, and collaborative intervention offering wrap around services. Located in the Newton neighbourhood

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