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Our education, skills training, and job experience programs are designed to provide youth with the tools they need to succeed. We provide multiple programs, offering a wide range of solutions. 

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Coding in Colour

Rooted in Cultural Knowledge, Coding in Colour is a free, IBPOC instructor-led bootcamp that empowers IBPOC youth and women by future-proofing their skills.

Students graduate as full-stack developers, ready to code for Web 3.0, from a credentialed curriculum with supplemental mentorship, training, and job opportunities through Coding in Colour.

The Sky's The Limit

Self-Defence Training for IBPOC Youth

Working with Yo Bro| You Girl Youth Initiative, The Muslim Association of Canada – Vancouver, and the Muslim, Food Bank, we provide IBPOC boys and girls with the skills needed to have confidence, leadership, and self-defence. 

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