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Interfaith Exchange

The Interfaith Exchange fosters education and engagement, with government, law enforcement, the public, and faith communities through podcasts, events, and interfaith exchanges (visits, presentations, meals, Q&A) at one another’s places of worship to facilitate understanding. 

Ending Stereotypes | Building Friendships

Bringing Faith Communities together

The Interfaith Exchange fosters a better understanding of, and appreciation for, the different cultures, faiths, and individuals that make up the Canadian Mosaic. 

This unique program worked with seniors, youth groups, and regular congregation members from Mosques, Churches, Synagogues, Gurudwara, Temples, Mandirs, and JamatKhanas. 

We are partnered with all major and most independent Muslim organizations across the province, providing multilayered services. Our faith-based partners also have province wide reach and impact.

We strive to foster equitable opportunities for all religious and racial minorities in B.C. by unravelling racist narratives and strengthening resilience among communities and organizations.

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