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Mental Health and Wellness

Working with community partners to provide culturally informed holistic healing. 

Holistic healing for all

Mental Health and Wellness

Foundation for a Path Forward has partnered with a diverse and representative group of organizations to create an alliance for mental health and wellbeing. Many of the challenges faced by the general public also face faith communities. Including addiction, trauma, PTSD, racism, and other life harming issues. 

Our work with SACH Community Hub (founding partner), ASPIRE counselling, the Muslim Care Centre (founding partner), House Call for Humanity, and others is designed to provide culturally-adaptive care to those who need it.

Evidence based| Individual focused | Community

Addictions prevention and Recovery

Foundation for a Path Forward and our community partners are committed to providing leadership in reducing the harm of addiction on society. We provide culturally competent programs and resources for parents, youth, educators, health promoters and communities related to problematic substance use and addiction.

Mental health and Wellness Events

SACH Community Hub Launch

SACH Community Hub The South Asian Community Hub (SACH) is a Cross-sector, inter-agency, and collaborative intervention offering wrap around services. Located in the Newton neighbourhood

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