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Coding in Colour

Rooted in Cultural Knowledge, Coding in Colour is a free, IBPOC instructor-led bootcamp that empowers IBPOC youth and women by future-proofing their skills.

Students graduate as full-stack developers, ready to code for Web 3.0, from a credentialed curriculum with supplemental mentorship, training, and job opportunities through Coding in Colour.

Foundation for a Path Forward Web 3.0 - BuildingBlocks (Blockchain, DAOs, Crypo)

The course has been designed to support the development of the next generation of talent by introducing an innovative and prominent technology: Blockchain. This is an area of technology that is rapidly growing and transforming the digital landscape in Canada and globally. Blockchain is a decentralized immutable information storing system that is open to everyone.

Coding in Colour - The Sky's The Limit!

Addressing the Pipeline Problem 2.0

. We take a holistic approach to solving the Pipeline Problem in STEM and connecting companies with qualified and certified IBPOC and women programmers and developers.

The goal of Coding in Colour is to dramatically increase the number of IBPOC and women who engage with, enter and excel in STEM at no cost to participants. By providing IBPOC youth training opportunities, students are given a chance to begin professional development. We believe it is essential that everyone has equal access to digital technologies and learning, regardless of background. 

The lasting impact of the project requires a systems-level intersectional approach, therefore we take a multi-pronged strategy to improve representations of IBPOC and women in tech and influencing policy.

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